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Backend Engineer - Microservic...

Backend Engineer - Microservices & Kubernetes enviroment
NodeJS, Microservices, Kubernetes, TypeScript
Software development agency
hace 6 meses
Persona de contacto
t. +34 683 70 12 54
Persona de contacto

We are working for a software development agency with a unique focus on seamlessly integrating tech teams into their client's daily operations, ensuring the optimal execution of every project. their current quest? They're on the lookout for an experienced Microservices Backend Developer to join their mission, working on a project that's at the forefront of backend evolution.

If you want to be part of an exciting journey that bridges legacy systems with cutting-edge technology and fosters seamless app optimization and architectural innovation, just keep reading:

What We're Seeking

  • A seasoned backend engineer with a profound understanding of Node.js and TypeScript.
  • Expertise in refactoring and optimizing legacy systems.
  • Proficiency in Kubernetes and container orchestration.
  • A proactive problem solver with a keen eye for identifying inefficiencies and proposing effective solutions.
  • A collaborative team player skilled at working with cross-functional teams to ensure a smooth migration and deployment process.


  • Dive into our existing backend infrastructure, identifying areas of technical debt, and proposing strategic optimization solutions.
  • Lead the migration of our deployment processes into a Kubernetes environment, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.
  • Work closely with our DevOps team to streamline deployment and scaling procedures.
  • Craft unit and integration tests to uphold the stability, security, and performance of the refactored backend.
  • Document the migration processes and any backend infrastructure changes made.
  • Engage with your team members in Pull Request reviews, emphasizing best practices and clean code.
  • Drive proposals and implementations for improvements in both development and deployment processes, prioritizing long-term maintainability.
Requisitos básicos
  • Proven experience in refactoring and optimizing backend systems.
  • Strong proficiency in Node.js and TypeScript.
  • Hands-on experience with Kubernetes and container orchestration.
  • Adaptability in a dynamic project environment with evolving requirements.
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to document and explain complex technical processes.

Tech Stack

  • NodeJS and TypeScript
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes (K8s)
  • AWS (Beanstalk, RDS, EC2, ELB, Systems Manager...)
  • React
  • Kafka


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf