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Hoy tenemos 94 ofertas

Service Delivery Manager (Clou... Service Delivery Manager (Cloud services).
Amazon, Azure
DevOps - SysOps
hace 1 día
40.000€ + 50.000€ depending on experience.
Persona de contacto
t. +34 627 376 374
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We are seeking a Service Delivery Manager to be hired by one of the best Barcelona’s Cloud companies following DevOps and SysOps philosophies.

Reporting to Operations Manager, you will belong to a team, helping in customer requests, incidents and projects. Also helping in the customer engagement and sales process.

Main responsibilities

- Work closely with the client and the operations team, understanding customer needs.

- Ensure that the customer experience is the best possible and the compromised service levels are achieved.

- Facilitate client communication.

- Focal Point 24x7 (Sales, PreSales, OPS or project issues). Engage with the sales and technical department whenever it is required.

- Have regular follow-up meetings with the client to track the project.

- Identify and propose continuous improvements that help to meet customer´s requirements and implement them.

- Understand the client’s situation, both about its team and its business, to ensure a personalized service.

Requisitos básicos

- Have fun working in a highly technical environment.

- Learn through ongoing training by the company in multiple technologies: network, databases, operating systems, clustering systems… (we spend more than 5% of our revenues in staff training every year).

- You are totally fluent in Spanish and fluent in English.

- Experience in software and systems architecture

- Knowledge about AWS and Azure components, services & architectures is a plus.

- Knowledge about Linux and Windows OS, application middleware and databases are also a plus.

Requisitos deseados

- SCRUM, PMP or Prince2.

- AWS, Azure or GCP.

- ITIL v3.

- Microsoft SQL, MySQL, MongoDB or other BD certifications.

Information Architect Information Architect
International pharmaceutical company in continuous growth
Optimize the information flow in a leading multinational company!
hace 3 días
50,000-55,000 € gross per year + 10% performance bonus
Persona de contacto
t. +34 628 351 196
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One of our clients, a multinational company leading the pharmaceutical sector is looking for an Information Architect who can define the company’s enterprise wide data and information strategy, governance, control, policy development, and effective exploitation.

He/she will be responsible for information protection and privacy, information governance, data quality and data life cycle management, along with the exploitation of data assets to create business value.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Enable effective data and analytics governance: Suggest who can take what actions with what information, and under what circumstances. Assist data and analytics leaders, and business and IT leadership in developing information governance processes and structures.
  • Maximize value derived from data and analytics: Foster value creation using the organization's data assets, as well as the external data ecosystem.
  • Set up and implement a Master Data Governance model through sustainable policies, processes, standards and systems.
  • Establish and maintain consistent data standards, definitions and rules so that the company can achieve a “single version of the truth”, reducing time and costs and increasing effectiveness through alignment and coordination of efforts on developing new applications sharing global data.
  • Establish ownership and accountability in the Business Units with an unambiguous identification of owner by entity.
  • Surface information priority: Assess the benefits and the risks of information by using tools such as business capability models to create an information-centric view to quickly visualize what information matters most to the organization based on the defined business strategy.
  • Enhance decision making: Use tools such as business information models to provide the organization with a future-state view of the information landscape that is unencumbered by the specific data implementation details imposed by proprietary solutions or technologies.
  • Conduct business information modeling: Create and manage business information models in all their forms, including conceptual models, relational database designs, message models and others.
  • Manage risk: Aid the definition of data classifications and data zoning to allow information assets to be immediately identified and proactively managed as more information becomes federated in a digital economy.
  • Enable enterprise information management: Ensure that the architecture is used as a lens and a filter to identify, prioritize and execute the data and analytic initiatives with clear line of sight to enterprise strategies and business outcomes.
  • Secure data and analytic assets: Aid in the analysis of data and analytics security requirements and solutions, and work with the chief information security officer (CISO) to ensure that enterprise data and analytics assets are treated as a protected assets.
  • Improve EIM performance: Aid efforts to improve business performance through enterprise information solutions and capabilities.
Requisitos básicos

Specific knowledge

  • Experience with the pharmaceutical industry will be a plus.
  • System integration experience, including interface design, and familiarity with web-oriented architecture techniques.
  • Data modeling and information classification expertise at the enterprise level.
  • Understanding of common information architecture frameworks and information models.
  • Understanding of metamodels, taxonomies and ontologies, as well as of the challenges of applying structured techniques (data modeling) to less-structured sources.
  • Familiarity with data science concepts, as well as MDM, business intelligence, and data warehouse design and implementation techniques.
  • Experience with distributed management and analytics in cloud and hybrid environments.

Also an understanding of a variety of data access and analytics approaches (for example, microservices and event-based architectures).



Bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems or a related study (or equivalent project-related experience). MBA or similar postgraduate business qualification will be a plus.

Requisitos deseados


  • A minimum of seven years of experience in IT, with at least two years in information system design.
  • In-depth experience of designing and implementing information solutions.
  • Hands-on experience with implementing data and analytics management programs is preferred.
  • Three to five years' experience as a data analyst is highly desirable.
Fullstack Java Developer Fullstack Java Developer
GWT, Struts, Hibernate.
Empresa final
hace 4 días
30k - 36K
Persona de contacto
t. +34 639 525 928
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Nuestro cliente está especializado en la creación de portales de empresa y la gestión de clubs de fidelización. 
Se fundó en 2010 y ha ido creciendo exponencialmente durante los últimos 2 años, operando tanto en España como Portugal e Italia. Tienen oficinas físicas tanto en Barcelona -donde ya son cerca de 40 personas- como en Madrid -llegando a ser 20 actualmente y con gran foco en crecer este próximo año-.

Su plataforma sigue la línea estratégica mobile-first y, además de ser web-responsive, es fácilmente integrable en apps móviles (tanto en Android como en iOS), apps que desarrollan también internamente. 

Valoran y promueven la iniciativa personal y la creatividad a la hora de diseñar nuevas funcionalidades y buscar soluciones a los problemas que se plantean, así como el mostrarse autodidacta. Desarrollan para ellos proyectos basados en Mobile Connect, geolocalización, pago móvil, Big Data, segmentación, integración de servicios, etc.

Los equipos están formados por profesionales con perfiles multitasking y sobretodo con mucho empuje, ganas y proactividad, ya que para ellos ha sido siempre la clave del éxito de la empresa. Apuestan por el crecimiento interno, se potencia el plan de carrera de cada uno de los empleados según sus inquietudes y se trabaja en equipo.


  • Ticket restaurant
  • Flexibilidad horaria y organizativa
  • Plan de conciliación laboral y familiar
  • Clases de idiomas
  • Entrenador personal.
  • Planes de formación.
  • Actividadades de teambuilding.
Requisitos básicos
  • Igeniería Informática/Telecomunicaciones (o similares).
  • Sólidos conocimientos en proyectos web.
  • Experiencia en el desarrollo Back-end con Java, Struts, Hibernate, GWT.
  • Conocimiento del Front-end con JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.
  • Experiencia en integraciones con APIs de terceros, además de implementar las propias. 
  • Experiencia con MySQL y SQL.
  • Nivel de inglés técnico.

Soft Skills:
  • Capacidad resolutiva.
  • Pensamiento activo.
  • Perfil multitasting.
  • Profesional con empuje, ganas y proactividad.
  • Jugar de equipo.
Director de Software Director de Software
Sant Cugat
hace 5 días
Persona de contacto
t. +34 606 138 421
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Nuestro cliente es una compañía de tecnología, propietaria (desarrollo y operaciones) de un ERP para despachos profesionales. Con sede en Barcelona (Sant Cugat) y Madrid, es líder en su sector y está constantemente innovando para mejorar tecnológica y funcionalmente el producto.

Buscamos un director de desarrollo de software y proyectos, que deberá mirar tanto al corto como al largo plazo en cuanto a la estrategia tecnológica de la compañía y que aporte experiencia previa en roles similares.

Las funciones del puesto, entendidas como parte de un global de dirección del área, serán:


  • Junto con la Dirección General y el resto de Stakeholders definir los objetivos y plan de acción para el equipo
  • Definir la metodología y herramientas de gestión, reporte y desarrollo buscando la productividad del equipo y la calidad del producto, apoyado por los Responsables Técnicos y el Jefe de Proyecto
  • Definir los roles del equipo y sus responsabilidades y gestionar la selección y el plan de carrera de los recursos del equipo junto con RRHH, apoyado por los Responsables Técnicos y el Jefe de Proyecto
  • Reportar el grado de cumplimiento de los objetivos marcados
Requisitos básicos

Ingeniería Técnica o Superior en Informática o Telecomunicaciones

Conocimientos globales de entornos de desarrollo y ciclo de vida de software.

Conocimientos y experiencia con varias metodologías de trabajo enfocado a proyectos.

Experiencia de 6 años en posiciones ‘hands on’

Experiencia de 3 años como analista funcional, arquitecto, technical lead y/o jefe de proyecto.

Experiencia como manager en posiciones y/o empres similares

Experiencia en gestión de equipos de más de 20 personas

Se valorarán positivamente certificaciones (ITIL, PMP, Scrum ...)


Requisitos deseados

Nuestro candidato ideal deberá estar orientado a dar valor constante y de calidad al cliente, tener clara personalidad, decidido, capaz de dirigir y transmitir motivación y entusiasmo al equipo, de motivar y reconocer el esfuerzo, de comunicar ideas e influir, de transformar grupos en equipos, de plantear y resolver problemas.

Con clara orientación a resultados, flexible y adaptable a entornos cambiantes, con habilidad de comunicar, negociar y hábil para interactuar entre la dirección, el equipo, el resto de las áreas de la empresa y con el cliente.

Technical Account Manager Technical Account Manager
Music lover. English & Spanish
Innovative music technology
hace 5 días
Persona de contacto
t. +34 669 774 446
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You will be in charge of a series of customers and products, engaging with clients and ensuring excellent customer services and high-quality deliveries.
You will perform a transversal role supporting the operations of the team.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the relationship with our customers understanding their needs and giving them responsive support on a daily basis.
  • Preserve the trust gained with the customers, responding to their requests and solving incidences.
  • Secure quality over the services and data offered to our customers.
  • Lead communications and tasks organisation with technical teams.
  • Offer creative solutions for specific projects, improve processes and develop efficient tools to ensure service scalability.
Requisitos básicos

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required:

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Logic & smart thinking.
  • Ability to understand technical schema and processes.
  • Self-motivated, driven & enthusiastic.
  • Heavy learner.
  • Music lover & good hearted.


  • Experience as technical account manager or customer support.
  • Knowledge or Experience working in the music industry.
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel skills.
  • Understanding of programming.
  • Experience in data management and quality assurance.


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf