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Hoy tenemos 80 ofertas

Junior Front-end Developer Junior Front-end Developer
Angular, Angular7, NodeJs
Proyecto Inteligencia Artificial
hace 1 segundo
Persona de contacto
t. +34 639 525 928
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Actualmente colaboramos con una empresa orientada al travel, que se fundó en 2016, y que se encuentra en un momento de crecimiento y expansión. Tiene sedes tanto en Madrid como en Barcelona, y están operando ya en mercado español (y a corto plazo en UK).

Nuestro cliente ofrece un software propio basado en la inteligencia artificial, que va digirido a optimizar las búsquedas y gestión del travel de las pequeñas y medianas empresas. La ventaja es ofrecer una experiencia de viaje sin inconvenientes, para que las empresas simplemente se concentren en los negocios.

Ofrecen mucha autonomía, flexibilidad horaria, posibilidad de teletrabajo y un excelente ambiente.

Requisitos básicos

Actualmente estamos buscando incorporar a su equipo a un apasionado del desarrollo Front-end, con no necesariamente mucha experiencia, pero sí muchas ganas de crecer con ellos, aportar y aprender.

Debe ser una persona resolutiva, dinámica y muy autónoma en su trabajo. Trabajará conjutamente con otro compañero Front-end y reportará directamente al jefe de departamento, por lo que tendrá ser muy autonómo en su trabajo y deberá tener capacidad de comunicación también. Será el puente entre los diseñadores y los desarrolladores Backend, siendo alguien fundamental para el equipo y tendrá una visión muy global del negocio.

A nivel técnico es importante que aporte experiencia en JavaScript y que esté familiarizado con tecnologías modernas.

Requisitos técnicos:
AngularJS, Angular2+.
JQuery y Javascript.
Metodologías Agile.


Requisitos deseados
-       UI/UX.
-      .net (c#) 4.5.2.
-       Metodología Agile.
-       Google / Microsoft API's.
-       Webservice SOAP y REST. API.
JavaScript Engineer JavaScript Engineer
Vanilla JS, OO, DOM, React
Mobile ad-tech world company!
hace 1 día
Persona de contacto
t. +34 639 525 928
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Our client is one of the hottest European start-up companies in the mobile ad-tech world. They are nº 1 Fastest Growing Marketing and Advertising Private Company in Spain.

Together with their partners they have over 6 billion worldwide readers and over 20 billion-page views.

Currently they are looking for a Front-end engineer. Is this you?

  • Your life begins and ends with a slash.
  • You feel like you have a mission, not just a task, and you write testable front-end code in JavaScript and HTML/CSS.
  • You understand iterative development and a day without pushing code makes you sad.
  • You’re not afraid to crack open an existing code base and bend it to your will.
  • “Self Starter” is your middle name. You can take or come up with a high-level idea and run with it.
  • You have a real understanding of building products that work at web scale.
  • You can’t imagine your life without a whiteboard, open-source boards and definetly CODE.
  • You know the importance of being part of a universe where all the departments need each other and work together for a mutual goal. So, your communication shows both tech and functional command of what you’re doing.
  • As a software craftsperson you will advocate and practice pair-programming, test-driven development, refactoring, collective-code ownership and continuous integration.
  • You care about online news and user experience.
  • You are an international team player.
  • You are eager for knowledge.
  • You have lots of stamina and you get bored if you have nothing to do.
  • You are hands-on and proactive.
  • You are fluent in English (this is a must).


Benefits and Perks:

  • Working in an international, multicultural and talented team and enjoying their sunny terrace.
  • They have more than 23 nationalities so you will not get lost in translation.
  • Flexible working-time.
  • Free commodities (coffee, tea, juices, etc).
  • Ping-pong, Mario Kart and foosball tournaments.
  • Team building events!
  • Transport, restaurant and kindergarden tickets.
  • Training, books and all you need to feel empowered.
Requisitos básicos

Technical Requeriments: 

  • You can solve technical problems equally well with OO, DOM oriented, or functional JS.
  • You have the ability to create an interface using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • You have a solid understanding of the web technology stack (i.e. headers, cookies, cross-domain restrictions, https, caching, optimization opportunities, hardware acceleration, junk and scroll performance, etc.).
  • You have >2 years experience building software that works at web scale.
  • You have demonstrable experience with cross-browser JS and CSS development. If you also have experience in Java that will be great.
  • You have experience with client-side site development in JS.
  • You have a solid understanding of HTML5 tags - functions and intent.

General Requirements:

  • Ability to work well under time constraints and self-learning capabilities.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • To speak English fluently.
  • To be an excellent team player who believes great teamwork is at the heart of all great products.
Requisitos deseados
  • You have experience with RequireJS, SASS and Jasmine.
  • Experience with more recent web technologies (i.e. localStorage, geolocation, CSS transitions and transformations).
  • Experience with Google Analytics.
  • Experience with AdServing.
  • You have experience with various AWS services and understand the challenges of deploying large applications in the cloud.
Senior JavaScript Engineer Senior JavaScript Engineer
JavaScript, Vanilla JS, React, BEM, UI/UX
hace 1 día
Persona de contacto
t. +34 639 525 928
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Our client is one of the top-tier USA software analytics company that has chosen Barcelona to build key product development teams. They are developing a SaaS-based application and looking for a strong SW engineer to be involved in a front-end team building out the next generation of UI components of their products.

You will enjoy working an international team with extensive experience in the IT sector, working with the newest cutting-edge technologies and always aiming to achieve the highest quality standards. They develop using a polyglot stack of languages and technologies, and you will face some of the most complex tech challenges in the industry.

We are looking for passionate professionals with a software engineering mindset who enjoy searching for new solutions and evaluating new technologies.


  • Competitive salary
  • Equity compensation plan
  • Performance reviews twice a year
  • Work-life balance and flexible schedule
  • Amazing and fun work environment
  • Private health insurance for you and your family, including dental coverage
  • English and Spanish language classes
  • Office located in the center of Barcelona, very close to public transportation
  • Fresh fruits, snacks and beverages
  • They support technical meetups, both local and international
  • They help with relocation
Requisitos básicos

- Software Engineering Degree or similar.

- Ample experience working with plain JavaScript as well as with modern frameworks like React (a plus)

- You have unit testing experience and you are very focused in quality, writing clean and maintainable code.

- You have experience establishing your own test metrics.

- Experience building complex JS web applications

- Strong user oriented vision, you enjoy creating great UI/UX software.

-You have experience building responsive front-end applications with complex, real-time interactions.

 - In-depth experience building cross-browser, responsive, and scalable HTML & CSS and have worked with modular CSS architectures (SUIT, BEM, SMACSS, OOCSS, etc.)

- You faced the tech problems to building responsive front-end applications with complex, real-time interactions.

- Experience working with Nodejs (a plus if you prefer a more full-stack position working on the infrastructure team)

- Fluent English is required

UX/UI Designer - Business orie... UX/UI Designer - Business oriented
Intuitive UI, metrics, concept ideas, mockups and interactive prototypes
Empresa creativa tecnológica que ofrece productos físicos de Merchandasing a nivel global
hace 1 mes
AP_ UX/UI Business
Persona de contacto
t. +34 639 525 928
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Our client enables any company to design and produce their marketing and promotional products. 

They are fast, trustworthy and deliver high quality merchandise. This has led them to become a European leader in the customisation of everyday products. 

They are driven by the delight of letting anyone feel like a designer, to expand our solid international network, and to make products that put a smile on the faces of your customers and employees :)
Requisitos básicos
Currently they are looking for a Product Designer with special focus on business who can help them with the conceptualizacion on the new projects. 
  • You are passionate about internet products and services, and are informed on current design practices. You follow the latest trends, but also apply your own personal touch in your work.
  • You design with business objectives in mind.
  • You have the skills and training to design intuitive user interfaces. You build elegant and simple solutions to customer problems.
  • You have strong opinions, but are also open to constructive feedback. You’ve experience working with teams and gathering useful metrics to further improve your projects using a variety of tools and methods.
  • You can build fast proof of concept ideas, mockups and interactive prototypes to solve business and user problems.
  • You are a team player and are willing to get involved in multidisciplinary content and product teams and restlessly defend the product vision. You are also willing to lead such teams.
  • You use Sketch, and have experience using prototyping tools like Invision or Atomic.
Is this you?
Senior Front-end Engineer Senior Front-end Engineer
Javascript, ES6, React, DDD
Compañía líder sector Marketplace - Best Place to Work
hace 1 mes
Persona de contacto
t. +34 663 444 972
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¿Te interesaría formar parte de una de las empresas tecnológicas líderes dentro del sector Marketplace?

Formarías parte de una compañía que apuesta por la innovación y por el constante desarrollo de sus trabajadores. ¡Aquí nadie se queda atrás! Se te ayudará con la formación necesaria para que esto no ocurra.

Se te dará la oportunidad de trabajar mano a mano con un gran equipo de profesionales, divididos en squads según misiones de la compañía, del que podrías aprender, pero también aportar todos tus conocimientos e ideas!

Además, si no formas parte de la Unión Europea y necesitas que te ayudemos con los permisos necesarios para trabajar, no dejes de apuntarte!

Dispondrás de flexibilidad para compaginar tu trabajo con tu vida personal, teniendo flexibilidad horaria, jornada intensiva los viernes y los meses de verano, y la opción de trabajar puntualmente en remoto.

Buscamos un/a JavaScript Software Engineer para incorporar en uno de sus Squads y participar junto al resto del equipo senior, mediante metodología Scrum, en la refactorización de la web y creación de nuevos proyectos.

Algunas de tus funciones serán: 

  • Creación de componentes web con React.js definido en el Marco SUI.
  • Contribuir en la definición de la arquitectura de aplicaciones.
  • Implementación de diseño impulsado por dominio en las soluciones provistas.
  • Mantenimiento y documentación.
  • Soporte a desarrolladores en la implementación de los componentes.
  • Usar procesos de software para asegurar la calidad del código.
  • Creación e implementación de herramientas para ayudar a los equipos de frontend, UI y UX con el flujo de trabajo.
  • Especial atención al rendimiento.
  • Revisión de código.
  • Participación en la toma de decisiones sobre el uso de Javascript.
Requisitos básicos

Eres la persona idónea si:

  • Tienes una base sólida en ingeniería de software orientada a Javascript, idealmente procedente de carrera técnica: ingeniería informática…
  • Acumular una experiencia de 3 - 4 años en JavaScript (ES6) y con conocimiento en diferentes frameworks y librerías propias de la tecnología (React.js), así como haber trabajado con componentes web
  • APIs HTML5
  • Domain-driven design (DDD) (NodeJS)
Requisitos deseados

Consideraremos un plus si conoces algunas de las siguientes tecnologías/metodologías:

  • Linters
  • js
  • Preprocesadores de Javascript (BabelJS)
  • Git
  • Automatización de Procesos (NPM)
  • WPO: Web Performance Optimization & Tools
  • Webpack
  • Metodologías ágiles (Scrum, Lean…)


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf