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Senior Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer
Machine Learning, NLP, Data Science
Empowering Social Media Analytics
hace 4 años
Persona de contacto
t. +34 669 774 447
Persona de contacto

Our client is a USA based leading analytics company whose platform (evolving since 2007) offers large enterprises around the globe services and technology to generate insights about their customer’s and target audience’s mindsets; attitudes and opinions about their brands and products as well as their competitors.

The platform offers cutting-edge Data Science/Analytics tools and services to some Fortune 500 companies analiysing social and business tendencies across all social media and internet.

 The company, conscious that the Big-Data and Data Science/Data engineering technologies behind such services are evolving continually and new approaches and ideas are being developed to make these services ever more powerful, has chosen Barcelona to make sure the company remains at the forefront of Social Media Analytics and is creating a NEW team to build on a modern, open-source technology stack (HDFS, ElasticSearch, Spark) on top of which this Data Science team will be developing cutting-edge analytical algorithms which extract meaning from predominantly text data in multiple languages and delivers data product prototypes.

The company uses everything in the data science toolkit (rule-based approaches, machine-learning, data visualization) and are constantly called upon to find innovative solutions to new problems.

As an ultimate goal they are about teaching the robots how to read, understand, process and summarise, as a human being would do.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for Data Scientists/Engineers and Big Data Engineers to apply their knowledge and skills to make a tangible ‘commercial’ impact on and contribute to this cutting-edge technology

The main responsibilities for this role include:


  • Design, build, and test text analytics algorithms to extract insights from large amounts of social media and online conversation data (tweets, blogs, message boards, news, product reviews etc…)
  • Experiment with new data analysis techniques, develop prototypes, and scale those prototypes to run on distributed big-data platforms
  • Partner closely with data scientists, product development, and engineering to create net new features of our analytics software product, leveraging state-of-the-art methods in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
  • Work with our development team to design, plan and deploy analytics algorithms on our big data platform.
  • Work with our team of developers to support their work on a range of statistical, natural language processing, and machine learning techniques.
  • Advise on the choice of new analytics tools to integrate into our platform.
  • Design and prototype new image processing capabilities, possibly using a combination of open-source and third party technologies.
Requisitos básicos
  • Bachelor degree in CS or related technical field and 4+ years of experience; Masters degree in Computational Linguistics, Statistics, Math, or related discipline preferred
  • 5-7 years of experience implementing advanced statistical learning and modeling techniques to varied types of data, including text and images.
  • Experience with applied data science, data analysis, and predictive modeling
  • Knowledge of statistical NLP methods (probabilistic topic modeling, neural word embeddings, and dependency parsing)
  • Good understanding of core statistical concepts, such as probability, randomness, correlation and sampling distributions.
  • Strong knowledge of Scala, Java, and/or C# (Scala preferred)
  • Experience using big-data platforms, including Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Spark
  • Familiarity with common data manipulation and scripting tools, including Python, SQL, R, SAS, SPSS (Python expertise strongly preferred)
  • Familiarity with common data visualization platforms (ggplot, matplotlib, plotly, bokeh, Tableau)
  • Working knowledge of Unix/Linux


Requisitos deseados
Solid experience using Scala for simulations, testing ....it's entire ecosystem


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