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Hoy tenemos 37 ofertas

Backend Engineer (PHP)

Backend Engineer (PHP)
International Printing -On Demand Platform
Senior Backend Engineer (PHP)
hace 1 año
35000 - 45000€
Persona de contacto
t. +34 681 285 025
Persona de contacto
Our Client is an ecommerce company which set up a Hub Tech in Barcelona recently. 

We make life easier for online retailers, providing a full range of services — printing, warehousing and fulfillment, design, photography, video — for anyone who wants to launch a global ecommerce business, but doesn’t want to waste time worrying about order fulfillment. 

They're more than 550 employees worldwide and our facilities are across four locations: North Carolina, California, Mexico and Latvia. (They're one of the only print-on-demand drop shippers located in both North America and Europe). 

They have printed more than 10 million items since 2013 and theirr ultimate goal is to build a company into a one stop shop for all ecommerce needs. Senior PHP Engineer Open for business trips to Riga, Latvia

Personal characteristics:
• Culture fit (simple, open, friendly, responsible personality), 
• Very inquisitive, eager to learn new things and continuously learns about new technologies; 
• Initiative, active participation in project development, ability to express one’s opinion 
• Analytical approach to problem solving; logical thinking skills; mathematical thinking 
• Enjoys working 
• Fast, punctual and with a high sense of self discipline 
• Adds value to the team 
• Interested in self development and growth
• Great communication skills • Open to work trips / international conferences • Makes quick decisions, quick problem solving skills • Continuously learns new things, increases one’s knowledge (broadens mind) 
• Detail oriented and precise 
• Flexible personality and very hardworking 
• Adjusts to dynamic work environment 
• Ability to communicate with various types of people (designers, sales and coworkers from other departments); can communicate both casual and formal way if necessary 
• Interested in automating and continuously improving various processes 
• Ability to organize work and to work independently; self organisation, time management skills • Positive and not afraid of new challenges 
• Detail oriented 
• Good programming style and interest in latest technologies
Requisitos básicos
These are the tools/services they use every day: 
• PHP, MySQL, PHPUnit 
• JS, VueJS, SCSS 
• AWS 
• GIT Our requirements: 
• Full stack knowledge of PHP and previous experience with MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (DOM, jQuery) • At least 3+ years working experience in Developers position 
• Desirable experience in working with a large amount of data and understanding of MySQL indexes; 
• Experience with Git Version Control; 
• Experience with AWS or Azure cloud services; 
• Actively participate in all projects and voice your ideas and solutions; 
• Professional experience building scalable web applications; 
• Working independently, as well as working with remote developers and service API; 
• ability to manage international team; 
• Desire to learn and master new technologies; 
• Excellent knowledge of the English language; 
• Possible business trips to the USA and Latvia


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf