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Hoy tenemos 37 ofertas

Back-end Engineer (Object Orie...

Back-end Engineer (Object Oriented)
Python, Java, .Net, PHP
OO Programming to work with Python (Startup)
hace 2 años
Persona de contacto
t. +34 663 444 972
Persona de contacto

Would you like to work in a Starup in Barcelona, ​with a good product and surrounded by a great team of engineers?

Do you believe in good practices? Are you familiar with solid principles and the best testing methodologies such as TDD?

Are you a fan of free code and would you like to work with Python technology?

If the answer to the 4 questions is yes, read on!

We are looking for a Software Engineer, with experience in Object Oriented programming, to join a product company in full growth.

You will work in an environment of high traffic, helping to grow and improve the product and participating in the decision process to achieve it!

Requisitos básicos

The skills we would like you to have are:
- Experience in OO programming (Python, Java, PHP, .NET ...)
- Experience with TDD or unit tests
- Knowledge in Engineering Patterns (SOLID, for example)
- Ability to learn and adapt to new technologies
- Knowledge of Django framework or Flask (nice to have)
- Experience in the development of microservices in cloud environments (AWS would be ideal)
- If you are used to work in agile environments, much better!
- Concern and focus about good practices and coding principles

+ 100 points if you have experience with the following technologies! Such as Elasticsearch, Redis, Docker, Ansible, Celery, Kafka, RabbitMQ.


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf