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Today we have 74 offers

Fullstack Java Engineer Fullstack Java Engineer
Java, JSP, JSF, Primefaces, HTML.
International Enviornment
1 month ago
32K - 35K
Contact person
p. +34 639 525 928
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Our Client is a Leader in the IT sector for primary care with 35% of the national market.
More than 25 Million active clinical records and 40,000 users support their trajectory.

After two decades of commitment Our Client has an extensive network of collaborators and health professionals who support their project. The commitment and passion for things have shown great ability to convene.

Basic requirements


Perform hands-on development work using HTML, Java, JSP JSF, and Primefaces.
Ability to work in a fast-paced and agile development environment.
Be involved in a full spectrum of front-end engineering, including new features and new applications.
Develop and implement systems using best practices and tools. Document and communicate them.
Be creative and experiment with new solutions but pragmatic and committed to code optimization, maintainability, and quality.
Optimize web applications for maximum speed and scale.
Contribute to the design, analysis, and required target delivery.
Support other members of the team.


University degree (BSc) in Software Engineering or similar background.
3+ years of professional experience in software development preferably in production teams close to the customer.
Experience in front end web technologies and frameworks: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Spring, Hibernate, and Primefaces.
Experience integrating with RESTful APIs
Comfortable with a development environment that includes Node.js, CSS pre-processors such as SASS/LESS, and source control
systems such as Git.
Knowledge of software engineering best practices and tools: CI, TDD, SOLID, etc.
Previous experience in Agile environments is a big plus (Scrum, XP).
High level of English. French desirable.

Frontend Developer Frontend Developer
Expert in web API's
Frontend Developer
2 months ago
30K - 32K
Contact person
p. +34 639 525 928
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Our client is the startup Product & Innovation arm, dedicated to product development. You'll be working as part of a small and growing team, and get lots of opportunity to help shape the architecture and technical direction


You'll will be working with the CTO, and Barcelona based team in order to develop a market leading product for the software engineering industry. 

Basic requirements
  • Experience of building large scale, complex applications in multiple organizations.
  • Extensive knowledge in JavaScript/JQuery, HTML and CSS3/LESS/SASS.
  • Strong AJAX interface knowledge with AJAX libraries and frameworks.
  • Expert in API’s - able to integrate web API’s using JSON, XML, etc.
  • Strong understanding of web API integration; REST APIs using JSON, XML, etc.
  • Knowledge of modern JavaScript frameworks such as React.js / Angular.js / Vue.js
  • Version Control/Git.
  • Good knowledge in Responsive Design (@media queries – relative sizing units) and Bootstrap framework
  • Good attitude and practice in Testing/Debugging your code – Functional and Unit testing
  • Web Performances (Critical rendering path, Image optimization, JavaScript minification)
  • Browser Developer Tool (Element inspecting, Network, Timeline, Application Profiling, Resources)
  • Building & Automation Tools (npm, Grunt/Gulp, Bower, Yeoman)
  • BS in Computer Science (Bonus points for Master’s or PhD) or equivalent engineering degree.

    Soft skills:
  • Excellent interpersonal and organisational skills
  • Agile problem solving
  • Healthy passion in latest technologies
  • Self-starting motivation
  • Bonus points for Experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence
React Engineer React Engineer
Future Team Lead
International Environment
2 months ago
Contact person
p. +34 639 525 928
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Our client is a start-up focus on developing leading parental control software solutions for families worldwide. They develop solutions which empower parents to have greater visibility into all of their kids’ online activity.

You will be involved in a full spectrum of Front-end engineering, including new features and new applications but also tools to support experimentation, localization and customization.

Development,  from  scratch,  new  Javascript  web  extensions  with  native  interfaces,  develop and implement systems using best practices and tools, document and communicate them, and optimize web applications for maximum speed and scale.

We are looking for a talented professional, creative, open for a great challenge and to learn new technologies and solutions.

Basic requirements
  • You come from a computer science background or similar;
  • Aspiring to create software that wows people;
  • You're a JavaScript ninja;
  • You're experienced with at least one JS application build system;
  • You’ve got experience with Cordova/Phonegap, at least single page apps;
  • You're experienced with JS framework (React or similar);
  • Experience with state management, like Redux;
  • Knowledge or interest with Testing;
  • Fluent in English (we work in English).

Soft Skills:

  • Ability to work and communicate in a dynamic team environment;
  • Innovative thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Pro-active and collaborative mindset;
  • Organized and effective personal time management. 


Nice to have
  • You're experienced with Grunt/Gulp; 

  • You're experienced with either Jasmine or Mocha;

  • You're an open-source contributor, and the proud owner of an active GitHub account (send us the link, we'll be happy to check it out);
  • The thought of making complex things simple and building applications for millions of users worldwide excites you;
  • Strong experience in agile workflow and all the tools that go with it;
  • Experience working in the security space is a plus. 

Senior Full-stack Frontend Dev... Senior Full-stack Frontend Developer / Architect
latest FE stack, Linux, Java
Empowering Social Media Analytics:Teaching robots how to think like humans
3 months ago
Contact person
p. +34 669 774 446
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Our client is a US – based leading Analytics company whose platform (evolving since 2007) offers large enterprises around the globe services and technology to generate insights about their customer’s and target audience’s mindsets; attitudes and opinions about their brands and products as well as their competitors. The platform identifies social and business tendencies across all social media and internet counting on an extremely robust data warehouse containing 90 billion + posts.

The company, conscious that the Big-Data and Data Science/Data engineering technologies behind such services are evolving continually and new approaches and ideas are being developed to make these services ever more powerful, has chosen Barcelona to make sure the company remains at the forefront of Social Media Analytics and is creating a NEW team to build on a modern, open-source technology stack (HDFS, ElasticSearch, Spark) on top of which this Data Science team will be developing cutting-edge analytical algorithms which extract meaning from predominantly text data in multiple languages and delivers data product prototypes. The company uses everything in the data science toolkit (rule-based approaches, machine-learning, data visualization) and are constantly called upon to find innovative solutions to new problems.

As an ultimate goal, they are about teaching the robots how to read, understand, process and summarise, as a human being would do.

As a Full-stack Frontend Developer, you will have the opportunity to define and implement the front-end of our platform, helping us disrupt the market research industry.  SDI offers solutions that harness the power of both big data and advanced analytics and also incorporates traditional research techniques and methodologies, ultimately helping our enterprise customers and partners understand what the voice of their customers actually means.

We are looking for a seasoned advanced full-stack (Linux) front-end development engineer, with experience build scalable modern web front ends, to join our team of developers and data engineers.  In this role, the incumbent will have the opportunity to develop the front-end to data-oriented web products and applications that transform massive amounts of unstructured social media data, extracted from our proprietary social data warehouse, into actionable insights for our clients.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design, develop, enhance and maintain the front-end to our social media monitoring platform, leveraging the latest technology stacks and innovations available in the industry.
  • Continuously monitor latest developments in front-end stacks, specially in relation to features geared towards supporting BI dashboards, query definition wizards, data visualization, etc.
  • Advise on front-end platform strategy with respect to selection of technological platforms, development languages and tools, and framework choices.
  • Work with back and front-end developers and coordinate with product management to efficiently implement new product features.
  • Implement requirements in coordination with our product management, data science and engineering team.
  • Be a key contributor to the short and long-term product development roadmap.
  • Our platform uses a mixture of front-end solutions (including ASP.Net). We are looking for a candidate that can assimilate what we have and help us define the best next generation front-end.
Basic requirements
  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math or similar technical field.
  • 5-7 years of experience developing and deploying advanced web front-end solutions.
  • Extensive experience working with Linux-centric Web application frameworks (server-based, client(Java)-based, one-page apps, MVC, etc.) in a highly scalable, fault-tolerant configuration.
  • Proven experience with SQL, non-SQL and columnar databases.
  • Practical experience working with progressive data and page loading techniques.
  • Experience in environments that rely on data visualization libraries and modules (dashboards, charts, etc).
  • Experience with Linux environments and tools.
  • Experience working with and mentoring other software engineers, preferably in a agile environment and utilizing continuous integration techniques.
  • Experience working with AWS infrastructure is a plus.
Senior Frontend Developer Senior Frontend Developer
ES6, React, Redux, PostCSS.
Startup en crecimiento
4 months ago
Contact person
p. +34 639 525 928
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Nuestro cliente es una startup con más de 3 años de vida que se encuentra en pleno crecimiento, contando con un gran respaldo ecnómico detrás gracias a numerosos inversores.

Empresa con producto propio, enfocado a facilitar las gestiones entre PYMES y autónomos, plataforma con servicio en la nube para intercambio de facturas con sus clientes y proveedores.

Debido a la expansión que están teniendo, se encuentran aplicando diferentes estrategias de negocio y les gustaría poder contar contigo para poder llevarlas a cabo.

Se trata de una empresa joven, a la que le gusta arriesgar siempre por la innovación y las nuevas formas de trabajar.

El stack es puramente ES6. Para el Backend usan NodeJS, Express y GraphQL y en el frontend usan React y Redux como contenedor de aplicaciones.

¿Qué te ofrecen?

  • Estabilidad laboral con contrato indefinido.
  • Contribuir en la consecución de una plataforma segura y escalable.
  • Ambiente molón y distendido.
  • Oficinas céntricas.
  • Roadmap para tu crecimiento.
  • Teletrabajo puntual.
  • Asistencia a meetings y charlas técnicas.
Basic requirements

A nivel técnico:

  • Experiencia de al menos 5 años en el desarrollo frontend.
  • Experiencia de al menos 1 año con React en proyectos reales.
  • Experiencia con Tests Automatizados.
  • Experiencia con PostCSS.

A nivel personal:
  • Capacidad para asumir nuevos retos.
  • Ganas de lucahar acompañado de un estupendo equipo.
  • Abierto a hacer mentoring a los menos seniors.
  • Capacidad para tomar decisiones (tu opinión cuenta).
  • Interés por I+D, siempre abierto a nuevas tecnologías.


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf