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Today we have 52 offers

Front-end Architect Front-end Architect
React, Redux, Mentoring
Gambling Company
2 days ago
AP_FE Architect
Contact person
p. +34 639 525 928
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The world of online casinos might be different, and our client is working since 2012 to make it real. We offer you the possibility to be part of this revolution!


We are looking for a Senior Frontend Architect. As part of the team you will shape their constantly evolving product in collaboration with a full stack team of engineers, designers, product managers, growth experts and player engagement specialists.


You will be located at 5 minutes’ walk from the beach, in an excellent office with a rooftop terrace, the perfect place to hang out and offers some stellar views. Not bad, right?

Basic requirements

Hands on experience


  • Content Management Systems
  • Experience with web technologies (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript), and  tooling (npm, Webpack, Jenkins,etc)
  • Experience working with state management solutions (e.g. Redux)
  • Front end frameworks (React)
  • Integration techniques
  • Messaging frameworks and paradigms (e.g. pub/sub, JMS)
  • Deep level knowledge of a modern programming language (e.g. JavaScript, Java, Python, Go)
  • Micro Services concepts and implementation
  • Modern container orchestration and container technologies
  • Application security
  • Rest APIs
  • Dependency management


Senior Frontend Developer Senior Frontend Developer
Digital Lab especializado en proyectos eHealth
2 days ago
Contact person
p. +34 663 444 972
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Empresa del sector TIC especializada en el diseño de soluciones orientada exclusivamente al sector sanitario. Especialistas en el desarrollo de proyectos tecnológicos tanto en el entorno público como primado. 

Ambiente con una organización horizonatal y una metodología agil. Tendrás la oportunidad de formar parte de un gran equipo técnico, organizado en Squads de 7 a 8 personas. Cabe destacar la importancia que se da a la calidad de su producto, por lo tanto estarás en constante contacto con TDD, CI, CD, Solid principles. 


  • Trabajarás en múltiples proyectos para ayudar a dar forma al equipo de ingeniería utilizando las últimas tecnologías de JavaScript.
  • Desarrollo práctico utilizando React.
  • Trabajarás en un entorno de desarrollo ágil y acelerado.
  • Participarás en un espectro completo de ingeniería de front-end, que incluye nuevas características y nuevas aplicaciones
  • Desarrollar e implementar sistemas utilizando las mejores prácticas y herramientas, dándo importancia a la documentación y a la comunicación.
  • Sea creativo y experimente con nuevas soluciones, pero pragmático y comprometido con la optimización, la capacidad de mantenimiento y la calidad del código.
  • Optimizar las aplicaciones web para la máxima velocidad y escalabilidad.
  • Contribuir al diseño, análisis y entrega objetivo requerida
  • Apoyar a otros miembros del equipo.

Beneficios sociales incluidos en la oferta:

  • Flexibilidad horaria
          - Entrada entre 08:00 y 09:30 h
          - Salida a partir de las 17:30 h
          - Viernes horario intensivo, salida a partir de las 14:30 h
          - Horario intensivo en los meses de julio y agosto
          - Posibilidad de comer en 30 minutos o en 2 horas, entre 13:00 y las 15: 00h
  • Servicio de comedor 100% a cargo de la empresa (en horario no intensivo)
  • Fruta fresca ecológica los viernes
  • Lab Day (I+D) o Training Day 1 vez al mes (en horario no intensivo)
  • Formación para Empleados
          - Cursos de inglés online
          - Acceso a la plataforma de eLearning, con cursos orientados a los diferentes perfiles de la empresa (desarrollo,                    web design, arquitectura, devOps, Scrum Master, gestión de Equipos ...)
  • Seguro médico DKV para Empleados 100% a cargo de la empresa
  • Plan de retribuciones flexible (no tributa a IRPF, supone 1 Ahorro de un 20-25% para el Empleado)
          - Seguro médico DKV para cónyuge e hijos
          - Ticket guardería
          - Ticket transporte
Basic requirements
  • Título universitario (BSc) en ingeniería de software o similar.
  • Más de 3 años de experiencia profesional en desarrollo de software, preferiblemente en equipos de producción cercanos al cliente.
  • Experiencia en tecnologías de front-end: React, HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  • Experiencia en la integración con APIs RESTful
  • Cómodo con un entorno de desarrollo que incluye React, Node.js, preprocesadores de CSS como SASS / LESS
  • Sistemas de control como Git
  • Conocimiento de las mejores prácticas y herramientas de ingeniería de software: CI, TDD, SOLID, etc.
  • La experiencia previa en entornos Agile es una gran ventaja (Scrum, XP)
  • Nivel intermedio de inglés y francés (deseable)
Frontend Developer Frontend Developer
VueJS, React
Producto SaaS Crowdfunding
1 week ago
Contact person
p. +34 663 444 972
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¿Has oído hablar del Crowdfunding? ¡Exacto! La financiación colectiva de proyectos a través de donaciones económicas

Basic requirements
  • Que tenga buen dominio de Javascripty alrededor de 2-3 años de experiencia desarrollando proyectos.
  • Que te sientas cómodo/a trabajando con librerías/frameworks: React o VueJS (aunque trabajarás principalmente con la segunda).
  • Que tenga un buen dominio de HTML y CSS.
  • Nos gustaría que seas una persona apasionada por las tecnologías emergentes. Vamos, que te guste estar al día de todo lo que va saliendo.
  • Que seas una persona proactivay bastante autónoma en tu trabajo.
  • Mentalidad start-up ycreative thinking.
  • Nivel Avanzado de inglés o francés.
Head of Design Head of Design
Data Driven Design
Leading entertainment platform!
3 weeks ago
AP_Head of Design
Contact person
p. +34 639 525 928
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Located in the center of Madrid, our client is the leading entertainment platform, created with the idea to inspire people throught experiencies.


With over +15M unique users per week, they are operating in London, Spain, NY, Paris and Lisbon (since others) and they are in process of expanding to new markets.


Their platform is available on iOS, Android and web apps.


They have more than 200 employes in the whole entity, 40 consolidate their IT team, which is growing because of their expanding objetives.


Currently they are looking for a Head of Design, someone who…

  • Design flows and interactions and collaborate closely with the team
  • Solve design problems based on both your experience and researcher insights
  • Identify user needs and make proposals aimed at improving user experience based on metrics and previous analysis of data
  • Share your thoughts with product teams to help make our product better
  • Translate conceptual ideas into something useful, valuable, and achievable within a reasonable timeframe
  • Work together with designers, researchers, product owners, data analysts, developers, and marketing/brand strategists to validate new concepts and improve existing features in order to improve the current user experience.
  • Proactively recognize UX/UI gaps in product and propose solutions
  • Work on the product improvements creating meaningful experiences matching user needs and business goals.
  • Design for iOS, Android and WEB, and generate final assets for development.
  • Participate in user interviews and user testing sessions aiming to understand user needs and behavior.


  • Possibility to work remotely.
  • Semestral bonus (Up to 10%)
  • Stock Options
  • Workshops & Hackatons
  • Coffee, drinks and Ping Pong
  • 40% Discount on all events on their platform!
  • Responsibility from day one and professional and personal growth
Basic requirements
  • An analytic, pragmatic and structured mindset.  
  • Experience in building and shipping digital products and interfaces
  • Communication skills and the ability to articulate your design decisions
  • Passionate about Product Design and as a good problem-solver, your design solutions are based on solid research insights rather than on your personal preferences. You are extremely data-driven.
  • Attentive to details and know what pixel-perfect approach is. But you agree with the idea that details perfection is the last stage of your design process.
  • A great team player, comfortable working together with other designers, receiving feedback, sharing and learning together.
  • You are familiar with the best design practices and research methods and have clear ideas on how to implement them.
  • Experience in a consumer product company with high traffic numbers, where you have led impactful projects.
Nice to have
  • Engineering background
Web User Interface Developer Web User Interface Developer
UX, UI, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, BEM
Europe’s leading IT healthcare provider
4 weeks ago
Contact person
p. +34 639 525 928
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Our client is one of the Europe’s leading IT healthcare providers.


After two decades of commitment, the company has an extensive network of collaborators and health professionals supporting their project.


In Barcelona they have +60 IT professionals, working in agile in multidisciplinary teams.


Currently they are looking for an experienced UI Developer. He/she will work in an amazing product developed by a small team of 8 people.



  • Great working environment.
  • Career development opportunity.
  • Friendly and supportive team.
  • Opportunity to learn new technologies and grow as a professional according to your own interests.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Half day Fridays.
  • Half day on July and August.
  • Private health insurance.
  • Training programs and certifications.
  • English and Spanish courses.
Basic requirements
  • At least 3 years of experience as a web/mobile designer
  • Good knowledge in JavaScript development
  • Good command of XHTML / HTML5 / CSS3 (MediaQueries)
  • Deep knowledge in Responsive Design and Mobile First
  • Strong experience with Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Proven experience in CSS processors: LESS/SASS
  • Detail-oriented and excellent concentration ability
  • An analytical mindset and critical thinking
  • High level of English spoken
  • Design and / or Multimedia training will be valued


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf