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Senior Web Developer Senior Web Developer
Angular, React, React Native, Phonegap
Mobile Digital Agency
1 month ago
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p. +34 639 525 928
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Our client is a mobile digital agency. 
Created in 2013 in Paris, they currently have 50+ employees and they have offices in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon and Barcelona . 

They have created more than 200 mobile applications and websites, B2C and B2B, for clients all over Europe.
In agile environment, they operate in every steps of projects: design thinking, user experience, design, frontend and backend development.


■ Work on a large variety of projects and technologies
■ Growing and solid company with offices in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon and Barcelona
■ Permanent contract
■ Possibility to do remote work once or twice a week
■ A Macbook with an additional screen and a mobile phone
■ Meals, health insurance and transportation advantages
■ Training courses and certifications payed by the company.
Basic requirements

They're looking for a senior Web developer to join their development team in Barcelona. 

Candidate must have a global expertise in modern Web development technologies. They need someone that knows deeply SPA frameworks (Angular, React, Vue.js) and that has a good overview of the all Web ecosystem and technologies to be able to quickly acquire other skills.

Also, they need a person that is familiar with mobile development using Web technologies:  responsive websites, Phonegap, ionic, React Native, Nativescript, Progressive Web Apps.

Polyvalence and continuous improvement is the key, that's why they're looking for people with high computer programming culture: software design, backend development, frontend development, algorithms, databases...

As a senior developer, your main goal is to ensure projects are delivered in time, with the required quality and pulling the team up. You also need to be able to make good technical decisions, argument those choices and help other people acquire expertise in Web development.

Required qualifications:

● 6+ years working experience
● Degree in programming or sciences
● Deep knowledge of the Web ecosystem
● Strong expertise in one or two modern Web framework (Angular, React, Vue.js)
● Strong skills in software design
● UI integration and User Experience are very important
● Likes to work in teams and shares knowledge with other people
● Fluent english level

Nice to have
■ Experience in mobile development
■ Backend development knowledge
■ You participate regularly, as a speaker or as an attendee, to technical conferences
Front-end Engineer Front-end Engineer
React, Redux, SPA, AngularJS, Vue, TDD, Jest, Jasmine, Karma
Centro de Valencia
1 month ago
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p. +34 639 525 928
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Actualmente estamos colaborando con una empresa final que desarrolla su producto propio, enfocado al B2C.  Se trata de una empresa con ambiente y producto 100% tecnológico y necesita sumar a su equipo a eléctricos profesionales.

La empresa se encuentra en el centro de Valencia y ofrece buenas condiciones de trabajo, cierta flexibilidad y salarios abiertos.

El equipo de IT está formado por 25 potentes ingenieros, organizados según misiones en equipos multidisciplinares. Todos ellos tienen varias en común:

  • Son unos apasionados por la tecnología y se lo pasan bien mientras trabajan
  • Les gusta aportar sus propias ideas, escuchar al resto de compañeros y colaborar siempre que se puede
  • Son personas resolutivas y capaces de afrontar problemas
  • Tienen una mentalidad muy enfocada a producto
  • Les gusta seguir las buenas prácticas (de verdad) y trabajar con altas coberturas de test (de verdad también)
  • Desarrollan con React y Redux. No todos tenían experiencia previa con React, pero sí con algún SPA
  • Pueden defenderse hablando en inglés (más o menos)


Basic requirements
  • Experiencia previa de al menos 2 años en el desarrollo de productos online
  • Aportar sólidos conocimientos en SPA. Ellos desarrollan en React con Redux
  • Experiencia y/o deseo de trabajar con buenas prácticas reales: SOLID, clean, TDD...
  • Capacidad e interés en trabajar en equipo
  • Nivel de inglés medio a nivel conversación
  • Capacidad de resolución de problemas, autogestión y proactivismo
Front-end Engineer Front-end Engineer
Vue.js, AngularJS, React Native, Git, SASS, Yarn, Agile
Global Platform with 2.5 M requests per day
1 month ago
Ap_Front Vue
Contact person
p. +34 639 525 928
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Our Client is one of the largest online service that facilitates the exchange of patient opinions about doctors and make an appointment online in the world. It sounds incredible?

Do you want to join to a harmonious IT team? Do you work in an international and interdisciplinary team? Do you create a multilingual application used by users from 5 continents? Do you like testing the last and only solutions? If you want to have a real impact on how our application looks, you have come to the right place!

They work quickly, they also participate in hackathons and conferences. Sounds interesting? The Company in numbers:

  • About one terabyte of data in the production bases used
  • 2.5 M requests per day
  • Approximately 10k new lines of code per week
  • 100 GB of records per day

What will you do with them?
  • Extending and improving our internal components system which is used across all teams
  • Active participing and developing features for web/mobile applications that are used by by millions of doctors everyday
  • Work in a cross-funciontal team, formed by developers, designers, UX, testers and product owners. Your opinion is walys heard and taken into account

  • Language training.
  • Acces to hundreds of gyms in Barcelona for a symbolic fee. 
  • Share options.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Intensive day in July and August
  • Daily breakfast with coffee, soft drinks, fruit and snacks
  • Weekly yoga classes
  • Team building activities 
Basic requirements
  • You've got more than 2 years of experience working on web applications
  • You work with ES6+ and you know Vue.js or React/React Native
  • Optimizing performance and browser compatibility is always at the top of your mind
  • On your daily basis you work with tolls such as: Git, SASS, Yarn, Webpack, NPM
  • You are used to work on an Agile envrionment, and you embrace its practices
  • You are a person that has constant desire to learn and the ability to learn quickly
  • Aesthetic sensibility and attention to detail
  • Yo feel comfortable expressing yourself in English
  • Being a team player!
Senior JavaScript Engineer Senior JavaScript Engineer
Plain JS + Frameworks
USA Nasdaq listed company
1 month ago
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p. +34 639 525 928
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Our client is one of the top-tier USA software analytics company that has chosen Barcelona to build key product development teams. They are developing a SaaS-based application and looking for a strong SW engineer to be involved in a front-end team building out the next generation of UI components of their products.

You will enjoy working an international team with extensive experience in the IT sector, working with the newest cutting-edge technologies and always aiming to achieve the highest quality standards. They develop using a polyglot stack of languages and technologies, and you will face some of the most complex tech challenges in the industry.

We are looking for passionate professionals with a software engineering mindset who enjoy searching for new solutions and evaluating new technologies.

Basic requirements

- Software Engineering Degree or similar.

- Ample experience working with plain JavaScript as well as with modern frameworks like React (a plus)

- You have unit testing experience and you are very focused in quality, writing clean and maintainable code.

- You have experience establishing your own test metrics.

- Experience building complex JS web applications

- Strong user oriented vision, you enjoy creating great UI/UX software.

-You have experience building responsive front-end applications with complex, real-time interactions.

 - In-depth experience building cross-browser, responsive, and scalable HTML & CSS and have worked with modular CSS architectures (SUIT, BEM, SMACSS, OOCSS, etc.)

- You faced the tech problems to building responsive front-end applications with complex, real-time interactions.

- Experience working with Nodejs (a plus if you prefer a more full-stack position working on the infrastructure team)

- Fluent English is required

Front-end Engineer Front-end Engineer
TypeScript, Angular5, Angular 6, Redux, RxJS 5
Online Product - Challenging projects from idea to end
1 month ago
Contact person
p. +34 639 525 928
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Based in Barcelona, our client is a Digital shop that produces highly tailored solutions with focus on ecommerce and gambling tools. 
They always put together latest technologies and bright minds they have created simple yet entertaining comumer interfaces on top of complex systems.

They are a small but strong international team of 15 people, where everyone matters and is treated enqually.
The hard work is balanced with a frienly and pleasant enviornment where where they have some fun along the way. Their values are: commitment, responsability, recpect, transparency, attention to detail and fun.
Basic requirements
Currently they are looking for a Front-end Engineer to grow up his IT team.

Is this you?

● You have good knowledge of JavaScript (ES6) and good understanding of SPA architectures, regardless the framework or library in use.
● You have mastered CSS, HTML, SASS and the SCSS syntax, are able to deliver rock-solid web experiences regardless the viewport, browser vendor or device in use.
● Demonstrated experience with at least one modern MV* style JavaScript framework: AngularJS, Angular 2, Angular 6, React, Vue, Ember, Aurelia, Backbone or Knockout.
● Love for web components and component-driven architectures. You know how to structure your JavaScript and CSS code to maximize scalability and reduce code duplication.
● Solid knowledge of the latest RWD techniques with proven experience on implementing flexible and adaptive, library-free, grids and layouts.
● Proven project management experience.
● You know when and how to put the right animation or transition to enhance our UX.
● CSS specificity, progressive enhancement or measuring units (px, em, rm, etc) are no mystery for you.
● Pre-processors and post-processors and other frontend task runners are your best friends: Gulp, Grunt, WebPack, etc.
● Proficient with Git is a must.
● Fluent in English, you are good at communicating ideas and collaborate in teams.


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