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Product Owner Product Owner
Apps, Web y Arquitectura de SW
Desarrollo de SW Agile
2 days ago
45K - 50K
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p. 679 893 349
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Nuestro cliente es una compañía especializada en el desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles, web y desarrollo de SW y arquitectura bajo entorno Agile, que trabajan enfocado a clientes nacionales e internacionales. 

Se caracterizan por hacer proyectos de gran calidad, bajo un equipo técnico apasionado por la programación y por TDD, CI y principios SOLID. 

Están buscando un Product Owner que haga de puente entre cliente y los equipos técnicos de desarrollo. 
Esta persona tendrá que ser capaz de entender a un nivel técnico elevado las necesidades de los distintos clientes y poder presentar soluciones bajo el sello de identidad de la compañía. 
A su vez, gestionará los Sprints y Deadlines del equipo técnico estimando tiempos teniendo en cuenta un delivery con un estandard de calidad muy elevado. 

Serás la cara visible de la empresa en cliente, y por ello tendrás la oportunidad de crecer dentro de la compañía de asumir nuevos retos y más responsabilidades en un corto plazo de tiempo. 
Basic requirements
Para poder desempeñar tus funciones como PO con éxito deberás tener conocimiento y experiencia en:
  • Ingenieria informática
  • Experiencia y conocimiento técnico en alguno o algunos de los siguientes entorno iOS, Android, Java, Php, JavaScript. 
  • Experiencia en producto App
  • Buen conocimiento de metodologías Agile. 
  • Buen conocimiento de entornos de trabajo de Microservicios, CI. 
  • Entender las prácticas TDD.
  • Orientación a cliente.
  • Sentirte cómodo en la interlocución con cliente tanto en español como inglés.
  • Valorable certificación de Scrum Master
Agile Coach/Scrum Master Agile Coach/Scrum Master
Evangelist and Coach. Quality and Delivery. Scrum and Kanban
Lead global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions
1 month ago
Contact person
p. +34 619 015 688
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Our client is one of the top three Group Telecom companies in the Fortune Global 500 ranking. They are a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions with subsidiaries in 124 cities and 140 data centres around the world.

They are currently looking for an Agile Coach/Scum Master, reporting to the Systems Innovation Director, to develop people to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the entire value stream from idea to customer satisfaction.

This role includes lean agile coaching to business leaders, technical leaders and product leaders, not just development teams, with the COO board as stakeholder of company’s Agility.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Keep people focus on value flow, quality and delivery
  • Predictability of the value stream
  • Flow efficiency and effectiveness of the area value stream
  • Implement the changes needed to achieve agility on any part of value stream
  • Quality of agile data to coach teams with
  • Detect bottlenecks in value stream
  • Set track and implement metrics to coach team in their way to self-improvement journey
  • Evangelist of Agile mindset
  • Coach Product Owners so they become real leaders in shaping Mendeley offerings
  • Ensure high performance and independent teams
  • Be a part of creating and maintaining a Kaizen or continuous improvement environment
  • Work with the Product Managers & delivery teams to estimate backlog items and ensure optimal flow through the delivery process.
Basic requirements

Required Skills:

  • Agile or Lean software delivery experience e.g. with Scrum, Kanban and/or other similar delivery frameworks.
  • Experience of all parts of the product lifecycle including end-of-life.
  • Ability to problem solve and come up with creative solutions.
  • Energy and enthusiasm for delivery and implementing change.
  • Be open to trying new or different ways to deliver.
  • Experience with widely successful Agile techniques: User Stories, ATDD, TDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Pairing, Automated Testing, Agile Games
  • Experience with multiple forms of Agile delivery, including Scrum and Kanban
  • A technical background in software development, testing or operations is highly recommended

 Education and Language skills:

  • Written and spoken English (fluent)
  • Written and spoken Spanish (fluent / native)
  • Scrum certification will be appreciated


Product Manager Product Manager
Product / Project / Client
Join a Machine Learning / AI company shortlisted for the Project of the Year' award!
2 months ago
Contact person
p. +34 638 405 476
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Our client, a small team of technical professionals building products to AI-enable the IT industry, is looking to expand the team, and a key role is the appointment of a new product manager to help them in their journey.

As Product Manager you will have a varied set of responsibilities at different times during the launch.

Product Strategy - You will directly support the CTO with developing the product strategy

  1. Help build the product vision both internally and with key external partners
  2. Monitor and analyse market trends. Study competitors’ services and products.
  3. Identify and present creative and innovative product solutions
  4. Develop product pricing and positioning strategies.

Product Planning & Delivery - You will take ownership of defining and executing the integrated product plan

  1. Translate product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes.
  2. Work with development leads to make sure that product requirements are understood.
  3. Scope and prioritise activities based on business and customer impact. Maintain the high level product roadmap, and the mapping to tasks on the backlog.
  4. Work closely with engineering team to deliver with quick time-to-market with optimal resources
  5. Test product changes to ensure they meet requirements, utilising support from the UK where appropriate.
  6. Coordinate product releases with the engineering team and users

Customer Facing - You will support the deployment to new customers

  1. Provide product training and the necessary technical expertise to the sales team to enable them sell the product. Assist with technical pre-sales activity and production of product marketing content.
  2. Provide an interface between Professional Services teams and engineering resources to assist with on-boarding new customers.
  3. Work with beta testers, customers and internal partners to capture feedback and requirements for the product.
  4. Produce user / technical documentation where appropriate.


Basic requirements

Skills & Experience Required

  1. You will have worked full-time on at least two software projects, ideally introducing new products to internal or external audiences.
  2. You will have experience in one or more of Product Management, Project Management, Testing, Business Analysis.
  3. Strong communication and interpersonal skills will be essential, including fluent English. You will need to be able to understand complex, technical scenarios and articulate them effectively.
  4. You have a strong interest it at least one of: data science, machine learning, software quality.


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