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Senior Javascript Fullstack En...

Senior Javascript Fullstack Engineer
React, Redux, Node, Express, Koa, Rx
1 month ago
40K-46K + 10% BONUS
Contact person
p. +34 639 525 928
Contact person

Located in Barcelona, our client is the SaaS platform that delivers results in real time and turns Market Research into an everyday solution for brands globally.


It’s the only platform that enables brands to conduct top-quality research and get results in real time.


About their technical stack…


Their SAAS is a microservices platform deployed in GCP through Kubernetes (GKE) with around 50% of their services in NodeJS (plain JS and Typescript) and 50% in Java Spring Boot.

Their Frontends are written in ReactJS + Redux and use a BFF pattern with GraphQL in NodeJS.

Their NodeJS microservices are quite spread in the different Domains of the organization. Some of them are pure microservices and others are API gateways or GraphQL BFFs. Some are written in plain JS and others in Typescript.

Basic requirements

They are looking for a Fullstack Javascript Engineer who has more than 5 years of experience, having worked for a product company and having successfully deployed and maintained NodeJS microservices and ReactJS frontends in production at least 3 years.




·         Deep experience in Javascript, ES6, Typescript ,NodeJS ecosystem (express, koa, fastify, etc), reactJS, redux, redux-saga, reselect

·         Functional Reactive Programming (ramda library is a plus)

·         Styling systems with CSS-in-JS such as Emotion

·         Apollo GraphQL

·         Non Blocking I/O

·         DDD (and applied to NodeJS)

·         RabbitMQ, Kafka (nice to have)

·         TDD and BDD

·         Unit Testing with react-test-utils

·         Docker and Kubernetes

·         Monitoring and Alerting practices (specially with Istio, Prometheus, Stack Driver and Grafana)

·         Computer Science or Telecommunications degree

·         Experience working in teams between 3-5 people with Agile methodologies (Scrum)


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf