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PHP Developers are welcome!

PHP Developers are welcome!
PHP Barcelona 2019
Europe's PHP Cathedral
8 months ago
Open Salary
Contact person
p. +34 681 285 025
Contact person
Are you willing to join the next step in your professional Career?

Q-Tech has partnered with PHP Barcelona as a Gold Partner, come join us a l'Illa Diagonal the 12th and 13th of November!

Are you a PHP Developer, or just a newcomer to the community looking for new opportunities?

We are always looking for talented Software Engineers. We've been doing this since 1999! So let's talk about your interests and goals, we're pretty sure we can help you :)

Do not hesitate to apply if:

-You are a PHP Developer living in Barcelona or looking for a new project in this city

-You already know about SOLID, Clean Code or Best Practices in general (if not, no problem! we can find a project where you can start learning these "more than important" principles).

-Do you have experience going from a monolith to Microservices? Extra bonus for that!

-A product-oriented mindset is basic these days. Let's talk if you have this experience or you're looking to grow as a professional.

-Focused on Symphony or Laravel? great! every single engineer has his own thoughts about frameworks, let's have a cofee if you want to talk about it ;)


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