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Fullstack Developer Fullstack Developer
PHP, Angular, ionic
Fa 2 setmanes
Persona de contacte
t. +34 639 525 928
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Our client uses technology to disrupt the logistics and operations around storage, delivering a more convenient service than self-storage, with no extra cost.

Their tech team reimagines the technology and data for each process in our customer-facing and internal workflows, to empower commercial and operations staff to work with far more modern and more exciting warehouses, transportation and customer interaction methods.


A a full-stack developer, you will be responsible to define and build the frontend environment and define which technology to apply. You will also participate in backend development tasks.

After the service deployment success through 2016 and 2017, Boxmotions has attracted investment from top venture capital firms. So if you want to be immersed in growth and rapidly become a core member in an expanding organization, we’d like to talk to you.


  • Use strong technical skills to define frontend architecture.
  • Define AB Testing strategy.
  • Participate in new features definition.
  • Hands-on development: write, test, document and deploy code. 



What you will get:

  • Competitive compensation
  • The chance to work in a high-growth startup environment with a great culture, having real autonomy and really making a difference with your contribution.
  • A cool workplace in a nice area in Barcelona
  • A learning-friendly environment where you will get and share knowledge


Requisits bàsics


  • 3+ years of relevant full-time experience
  • Willing to learn and take on responsibilities. You can make tough decisions when needed.
  • Communicative and articulate. You are able to have to-the-point conversations and understand the relevance of each subject for different audiences.
  • User eXperience background.
  • Must have technical skills:
  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3 / Bootstrap, Javascript, AngularJS / Angular 2, Ionic Frontend experience.
  • Backend: PHP, Symfony 3, MySQL development skills.
  • Good level of english
React Native Developer React Native Developer
Producto propio en React Native
Blockchain project
Fa 2 setmanes
35K - 45K
Persona de contacte
t. 679 893 349
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Gran oportunidad disponible para trabajar por cuenta ajena y de manera indefinida en una de las Startups más innovadoras de Barcelona como Reac Native Developer. 

Nuestro clientes es una empresa internacional con base en Barcelona y enfocada al mercado asiático que realiza campañas de marketing/blockchain. 

Buscamos un Ingeniero informático, de telecomunicaciones o similar con experiencia de al menos dos años en desarrollo de SW de entorno app/internet, que quiera desarrollar su carrera en React Native trabajando en un producto propio con la colaboración de otros compañeros. 
Requisits bàsics
Para poder cumplir tus funciones con éxito deberas de tener experiencia en:

- ReactJs y/o React Native
- Redux
- JavaScript ES6 & ES7 y CSS
- Integración de apps con RESTful server-side APIs

Sabemos que React Native es una tecnología muy novedosa, con lo que sa valora muy positivamente el haber trabajado más de un año en este entorno pero no imprescindible.
Requisits desitjats
Será muy valorados los conocimientos en:
- iOS o Android (swift, objective-c, java, kotlin)
- Experiencia en Unit Testing
- Experiencia en blockchain
Senior JavaScript Engineer Senior JavaScript Engineer
Plain JS + Frameworks
USA Nasdaq listed company
Fa 1 mes
Persona de contacte
t. +34 639 525 928
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Our client is one of the top-tier USA software analytics company that has chosen Barcelona to build key product development teams. They are developing a SaaS-based application and looking for a strong SW engineer to be involved in a front-end team building out the next generation of UI components of their products.

You will enjoy working an international team with extensive experience in the IT sector, working with the newest cutting-edge technologies and always aiming to achieve the highest quality standards. They develop using a polyglot stack of languages and technologies, and you will face some of the most complex tech challenges in the industry.

We are looking for passionate professionals with a software engineering mindset who enjoy searching for new solutions and evaluating new technologies.

Requisits bàsics

- Software Engineering Degree or similar.

- Ample experience working with plain JavaScript as well as with modern frameworks like React (a plus)

- You have unit testing experience and you are very focused in quality, writing clean and maintainable code.

- You have experience establishing your own test metrics.

- Experience building complex JS web applications

- Strong user oriented vision, you enjoy creating great UI/UX software.

-You have experience building responsive front-end applications with complex, real-time interactions.

 - In-depth experience building cross-browser, responsive, and scalable HTML & CSS and have worked with modular CSS architectures (SUIT, BEM, SMACSS, OOCSS, etc.)

- You faced the tech problems to building responsive front-end applications with complex, real-time interactions.

- Experience working with Nodejs (a plus if you prefer a more full-stack position working on the infrastructure team)

- Fluent English is required

Frontend developer - UX/UI des... Frontend developer - UX/UI designer
JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, RWD, Mobile First, Illustrator, Photoshop.
Crossfunctional teams and international environment
Fa 1 mes
AP_Web Designer
Persona de contacte
t. +34 639 525 928
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Our Client is a Leader in the IT sector for primary care with 35% of the national market. 

More than 25 Million active clinical records and 40,000 users support their trajectory. After two decades of commitment Our Client has an extensive network of collaborators and health professionals who support their project.

 You will be part of a talented software team that works on critical mission applications.

 You will work in cross-functional team and in an international environment.


  • Great working environment.
  • Career development opportunity.
  • Friendly and supportive team.
  • Opportunity to learn new technologies and grow as a professional according your own interests.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Half day Fridays.
  • Half day on July and August.
  • Private health insurance.
  • Training programs and certifications.
  • English and Spanish courses.
Requisits bàsics
  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject, although CFGS is not discarded.
  • Design and / or Multimedia training will be valued.
  • Proven working experience as Web designer during the last 2-5 years, web and mobile applications.
  • Deep knowledge in JavaScript development. 
  • Good command of XHTML / HTML5 / CSS3 (MediaQueries).
  • Deep knowledge in responsive Design and Mobile First.
  • Strong experience with Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Proven experience in CSS processors: Less/Sass.
  • Detail-oriented and excellent concentration ability.
  • An analytical mindset and critical thinking.
  • High level of English spoken.
Requisits desitjats
  • Unit testing.
  • Knowledge in agile methodologies.
Front End Engineer Front End Engineer
React, Redux, Vue.js, Tesing, Git, REST APIs.
Greenfield Project
Fa 2 mesos
Persona de contacte
t. +34 639 525 928
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Our client is a SaaS B2B platform for market research that allows brands to know directly the opinion from end-users before doing any product investment. Their product has been running in Spain and Mexico with great success and a remarkable customer portfolio from all kind of verticals.

They are revamping their existing business model with a new platform that will change our consumer data collection model and will be launched to multiple countries. This new platform will eventually replace our current platform.

They are looking for a front end web developer. You don't wait to be told what to do: you ask questions to understand the problem we are solving for our users, and you think creatively on how to provide the best solution. You will be key in attracting and recruiting other members of the team in the future. This means you need to be at the top of your game technically, so you can gain the respect of others and coach them to improve their skills.

Reporting to the CTO, here are some duties you would be responsible for (plus other things, this is a startup after all):

  • Help engineer and architect new solutions in the current development environment (React);
  • Develop and maintain all of our web based projects;
  • Manage production, QA and staging environments on a CD/CI environment;
  • Define and deploy monitoring, metrics and logging systems;
  • Develop within our security and privacy guidelines;

Requisits bàsics

What they are looking for a fast-learner and an active JavaScript developer among others features such as:

  • At least 2 years relevant industry experience.
  • Experience working with (preferrably) React, Vue.js or Angular.
  • Experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
  • Front-end (CSS) experience with atomic design and CSS in JS.
  • Git.
  • Integration with REST APIs.
Requisits desitjats

  • Experience with analytics tools like Google Analytics or Mixpanel.
  • Experience in development environments based on agile methodologies (i.e. SCRUM).
  • Experience in testing (Jest, Mocha, Chai).
  • Experience with web security and security standards like OWASP Top 10.
  • Redux.
  • Functional Programming (i.e. Ramda, Lodash).
  • Knowledge of the Linux terminal and shell commands.


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf