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Team Lead Hand On Team Lead Hand On
Backend (Ruby on Rails)
Leading multinational B2C learning platform
Fa 5 díes
Persona de contacte
t. +34 663 444 972
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For one of our clients, a leading multinational B2C learning platform, we are looking for a Frontend Tech Lead.

They are in total +400 people, 35 of them working in IT Teams. Currently they are building new squads, so they need more talented people like you who can help them to continue growing their website/mobile.

As a Tech Lead, you will collaborate with their cross-functional teams (including designers, product managers and data scientist) and software engineers to tackle complex challenges and build their website and internal tools.

You will be very hands-on and continue to deliver code, while at the same time you oversee delivery, manage people, support product managers, and delegate when needed. You do it all!

You will drive your team to achieve success in building great experiences, using best engineering practices, and by using all their knowledge.

A cultural ambassador and a personal example.

What do they offer?

  • A collaborative, dynamic, creative, exciting, and multicultural team in one of the leading companies in this industry.
  • A fast-moving environment in which you can learn and grow professionally.
Requisits bàsics
  • At least 5+ years of experience in Backend software development
  • 2+ years of experience as a Tech Lead 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • You are highly collaborative and communicative, with modesty and sociability, and love what you do.
  • You take ownership and push your team to be its best self.
  • You hold the passion to take on complex problems, and come up with elegant solutions, not only of the software / product kind.
  • You have experience with agile methodologies.
Python Engineer Python Engineer
Sant Cugat - Remote
Open Source Project
Fa 5 díes
Persona de contacte
t. +34 663 444 972
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Our new client, a small but innovative company that provides professional software services to laboratories around the worldis looking for a backend engineer to work on their complex platform. 

If you are a follower of the Open-source world, this opportunity is for you, without a doubt. 

Their core product is based on open-source software that they constantly design, develop and maintain. 

What can you expect from their way of working? 

They have various development and delivery policies that are aimed at ensuring their work is reliable and of the highest quality. That includes pair review, documentation and testing. They also follow Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices. 

Requisits bàsics

Personal skills: 

  • Programming experience in object-oriented languages 
  • Wish to spend most of your time developing 
  • Wish to publicly contribute to an Open-Source project 
  • Able to seek out the information others need to solve issues 
  • Able to help others  

Technical skills: 

  • Proficient with Python, with more than 3 years of experience 
  • Fluent in Debian-like servers and in terminal-based Linux software 
  • Familiar with CoffeeScript, JavaScript, ReactJS, Bootstrap, Webpack 
  • Familiar with tools like Ansible, Haproxy, Nginx, etc. 

Bonus skills: 

  • Experience with Plone, Zope and ZODB 
  • Experience with Linux servers administration 
  • Experience with Virtual appliances and Hypervisors 

What they offer: 

  • Remote working. After an initial training period 
  • Flexible schedule.  
  • To work on an Open Source project at international level.  
  • Lenovo Thinkpad X laptop 
  • Be part of a team where engineering talent is highly valued 
Python/Django Developer Python/Django Developer
Django, REST & Web services, Postgres
Importante cliente Administración
Fa 5 díes
Persona de contacte
t. +34 663 444 972
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¿Estás buscando un lugar de trabajo donde estabilizarte y poder crecer? Sigue leyendo. 

Nos encontramos en una nueva búsqueda de un o una Python/Django Developer para un importante cliente, con una larga trayectoria dentro del sector de la administración 

Te proponemos formar parte de un equipo de ingenieros consolidado con una meta común: agilizar procesos y tecnificar con las últimas tecnologías un servicio y una plataforma completa para la administración pública.  

¿Qué ambiente encontrarás? Seguro que te sorprende. Trabajarás duro junto a un equipo técnico potente, pero también encontrareis el espacio necesario para hacer una pausa y echar una partida de billar mientras habláis de cómo solucionar los problemas. 

Requisits bàsics

Lo que interesa de tu perfil técnico: 

  • Al menos 2 años de experiencia en proyectos web con Python 
  • Conocimientos de Django 
  • Conocimiento de REST & Web services 
  • Experiencia trabajando con GIT 
  • Conocimientos de Postgres o bases de datos relacionales   

Aunque también se valorará lo siguiente: 

  • Conocimiento de Django Rest Framework 
  • Conocimiento de un framework Frontend (Angular, Vue.js o React.js) 
  • BBDD no relacionales 
  • Criptografía y seguridad web 
  • Procesamiento asíncrono 
  • Conocimiento de metodología AGILE (SCRUM) 
  • Docker, Nginx.   

Por su puesto, las skills personales son igual de importantes: 

Buscamos personas activas, dinámicas, con inquietudes, capacidad de aprendizaje y adaptación rápida. Que sepan trabajar en equipo y con ganas de aprender a diario. 

SW Engineer Ruby on Rails (Ful... SW Engineer Ruby on Rails (Full Remote)
High traffic Project
Ruby on Rails (Full Remote)
Fa 5 díes
Persona de contacte
t. +34 663 444 972
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Do you consider yourself a good Backend Engineer?  What is a good Engineer for you?   

Engineers have a unique mindIf something is brokenthey are restless until it is resolved. 

We are looking for this type of person. 

Someone persistentthat won’t settle for the easiest or fastest solution.  

Someone who questions thingswho asks and seeks solutions. 

Someone who wants to put all their ability to improve a product.  

Maybe we ask too muchbut the project that I present to you requires someone like thatIf you fancy something easierthis offer is definitely not for youI'm sorry. 

Our client has developed a complex online platform with the aim of offering different courses in a wide range of disciplines. 

Due to its international growththe technical team is reorganizing itself into new squadsto work in a much more agile and comfortable way. 

What will you do here? 

  • Participate in the development and contribute improvements to their platform built on Ruby on Rails.  
  • You'll have flexibility and autonomyIt is a position to work 100% remotely. 
  • Work side by side with colleagues from Frontend and Mobile. 
  • Active participation in the projectcode reviews... make yourself heard 

What do we offer?  

  • Work in one of the leading companies in the creative industry. 
  • challenge (or severalwith a creativedynamicdemanding and collaborative team. 
  • good salary according to your experience and profile. 
  • Flexible schedule and remote working. 
Requisits bàsics

What are we looking for? 

  • Software Engineer specialized in Ruby on Rails or any other Backend language (Go, Elixir, Python, Node ...) 
  • Experience in scalability of complex and high demand systems. 
  • Good TDD software engineering practices and continuous integration.  
  • Experience in UNIX systems and platforms like AWS. 
  • Experience (ideallywith GraphQL. 
  • Team playerable to work as a team and facilitate the work of others. 
BE Lead - Python BE Lead - Python
Hands on Team Lead
Fa 1 dia
Persona de contacte
t. +34 663 444 972
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Currently we collaborate with a business unit of a big company, that is looking for a Technical Lead to help them to continue growing their cloud service.  

So… you will have the creativity and freedom of a startup but the stability of a large and established company.   

This business unit is committed to helping their partners accelerate their digital business success by leveraging their hyperscale platform technology and infinite ecosystem of cloud solutions.  

This team is composed of +20 talented professionals, who are working in distributed teams from Barcelona and Russia. So, as you can imagine, the main language inside the company is English.  


  • You'll be responsible for understanding the business requirements and transferring them to the rest of the team, dividing the corresponding requests into new features. 

  • You’ll be responsible for managing the data interconnection between the server and the single page web application.  

  • Writing Python 3 effective back-end code  

  • Your primary focus will be developing of cloud redundant, highly available application. Ensuring high performance, security, and responsiveness to the REST requests from the front-end.  

  • Cooperating with the front-end developers in the process of developing API and data model resources Implementing security and data protection  

Requisits bàsics

Professional skills:  

  • Experience collaborating with business / product profiles to take technical requirements and understand the product. 

  • Excellent Python knowledge  

  • Asyncio and aiohttp experience  

  • Knowledge of RDBMS and software architecture  

  • Familiarity with Tastypie and Flask-restful libraries will be a plus  

  • Understanding of front-end technology: JavaScript (ES7), HTML, CSS  

  • Understanding of modern IaaS practices with Azure, Google Cloud Platform or AWS  

  • Willingness to write unit tests using nose and mock  

  • Expertise with debugging (PDB, etc.)  

Personal skills:  

  • Excellent communication skills 

  • Proactivity and ownership of the projects and with the problems  

  • A Can-do attitude!   

  • Open, honest, transparent  

  • You love programming   

  • Team player skills  

  • You feel comfortable expressing yourself (both written and spoken) in English  


They offer:  

  • Open salary range – depending on your experience  

  • % Bonus – depending on your seniority  

  • Ticket restaurant and health insurance   

  • Very flexible working hours  

  • Currently they are working from home due to Covid-19 situation. In normal circumstances they prefer going to the office  

  • You can seek the autonomy to take risks and make decisions  

  • The stability of an established company but the opportunity to work in a “startup” environment   


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf