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PHP Developer

PHP Developer
Frameworks, TDD, SOLID principles, design patterns
Leading social media marketing for retail technology
Fa 4 anys
Persona de contacte
t. +34 669 774 446
Persona de contacte

We're looking for a passionate web developer, with good knowledge of PHP and good general knowledge of principles of programming languages.

About You!

Do you have experience with some of the popular frameworks like CakePHP3, Symfony and Symfony Components, Laravel and similar? Are you used to work with Composer? Do you always test your code and you like working with TDD? Do you absolutely love to go crazy with design patterns and assist to meetups about new, hot and popular technologies? Are you interested in SOLID principles?

Have you worked with Unix systems?
Do you feel comfortable working inside virtual machines? Do you have some experience working in bash terminal? You're not afraid of words like Vagrant, Docker, Puppet, Ansible, Chef or similar tools.

Do you have experience working with databases?
Are you comfortable modeling database schemas and writing queries across a variety of data sources?

Do you love learning?
Engineering is an ever-evolving world. Do you enjoy playing with new tech and exploring areas that you might not have experience yet?

Are you a good team player?
Are you someone that believes in the your own work and do you think that it's possible to learn from your teammates. Are you not afraid of pair programing and are you prone to lending a helping hand?

Requisits bàsics
Popular frameworks like CakePHP3, Symfony, Laravel or similar Composer
Design patterns
SOLID principles
Unix systems
Virtual machines.
Bash terminal
Vagrant, Docker, Puppet, Ansible, Chef or similar tools
Modeling database schemas and writing queries across a variety of data sources


Max: 2MB | .doc, .docx, .pdf